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Hello Helios!

Finally, there's a smart, safe, error-free tanning system that understands your body chemistry. Helios is guaranteed to give you that day-at-the-beach glow without aging, harmful UV rays.

The ABCs of Great Tanning begin with Helios:

A self-tanning system that works with your own body chemistry to make you tan, not orange.

Better for you than the sun without the harmful, aging effects of UV tanning. With Helios you can attain a great tan, without the risk.

Cotton tanning cloths, infused with our proven tanning solution, guarantee that you achieve a streak free tan everywhere, even the hard to reach places.

Ready for a beautiful, radiant tan?

Purchase a Helios Self-Tanning Towel anytime!

Or, become a Tan Club member so you always have Helios on hand - and benefit from huge savings!

Don't let the sun set on your Helios Tan.

Receive a little sunshine at your door every month! Select the tanning package that's right for you, pay one low monthly fee, and say hello to a continuous radiant tan.

No more orange. No more streaks. No more risking UV exposure.





Apply it right

Watch the video to see how to get the perfect tan!

The smartest tanning system on the market is also the easiest. See how to get a safe, radiant Helios tan.

How to Apply and get a perfect Helios Tan
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