Select the package that best fits you and never lose that Helios Tan - get your first month free!

The SUMMER SHINE package is perfect for those who want a radiant tan during the height of the summer season or while on vacation. You’ll receive more than enough for those special events when you want to show off your tan!

2 Helios self-tanning towels

20 days of guaranteed tan

The RADIANT GLOW, our most popular package, is perfect for those insist on an un-interrupted tan for an extended period of time. You get enough Helios tanning towels to convince even the sun that it’s natural.

3 Helios self-tanning towels

30 days of guaranteed tan

The YEAR-ROUND TAN package is perfect for those who want just that—a radiant tan—all year long. You’ll receive 4 Helios tanning towels, enough to make everyone think you were simply born with that special glow.

4 Helios self-tanning towels

A darker tan, guaranteed to last you all month!